Video of D4 hooked to a laptop - Interesting

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Re: Video of D4 hooked to a laptop - Interesting

Terry thanks a ton for that link. This is one of the many features I want to use in the D4. I have a D3 and occasionally shoot tethered (using USB2) but would like to look more into using moreso the wireless features using the WT-5, more than the tethered options (using Ethernet or USB). However, I'm sure they'll be similar.

Has anyone found out yet if you can shoot RAW to one card on the camera and then JPEG to the other AND shoot tethered/wireless and just have someone view the photos on the iPad or a laptop? I already know I can shoot RAW+JPEG to two cards but the problem I had with shooting tethered/wireless before was that 1) the photos didn't save to the card at the same time and 2) the photos take too long to load using the WT-4 or even USB2.

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