XS1 gone back.

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It is a personal thing...I don't like the way they have conducted business, I don't like the way they do conduct business. They couldn't care less about the customer unless there was a class action against them or possibly a small military uprising.
I'm carrying a 30 year grudge and I'll die with it.

Sony will always regret the day you bought that transistor radio!

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Sony has had some neat products but I think they've been over-rated on many of them. The only thing I think they really, really excelled at were their early transistor radios, and the Trinitron TV's. In fact I have a 34" HD Trinitron in my computer room. Yup, HD and it has a flat screen Trinitron picture tube. It weighs 190 pounds and it's theft-proof but it has a great picture.

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