Help me figure out an Aperture Library Solution

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Re: Help me figure out an Aperture Library Solution

Jaded Snapper wrote:

Eventually you may run out of space on your MBP?

Maybe, I replaced the DVD in my MBP with a 1TB drive and when that fills up I'm sure I can buy something bigger. I spent maybe $120 on that upgrade. If I need the DVD (never used it so far) I now have it as an external, bus-powered, drive.

Below method also works fine. The benefit of my solution is that it also serves as a full backup and it's usually not in the same location as the iMac.

I run a MacPro and an MBP and I use the MBP as a mobile machine, collecting photos when I am away from home base (sometimes for four weeks at a time). When I get back I connect the MBP to the MacPro by Firewire and import the MBP Library into the MacPro's Aperture Library.

If I want photos to go the other way, e.g. to take photos to display elsewhere, I'll export the Projects as a Library and then use that on the MBP.

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