India with 24G+85G

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Re: India with 24G+85G

I really like a lot of what you've shown, but agree with others here that the relentless use of f1.4 can be pretty monotonous. As the owner of nikon's trilogy of f1.4's, I find myself only occasionally using them wide open. This isn't necessarily to do with sharpness, as this can be overrated too. No, it's do do with what I'm trying to create. There's got to be a definite reason why a really shallow depth of field will enhance my shot (perhaps a lousy background or isolation of the subject is needed), before I'll use it very much. More often than not I'll be striving for maximum DOF and can find the f1.4's a bit limiting in this respect. In my opinion, huge aperture is great to have in my bag of tricks, but a poor master when overused.

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