Mood challenge: Summary

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Mood challenge: Summary

Sincere congratulations to all the winners!

First the winners' podium - top three:

  • The winner:

By naylorvilasboas :

It's like watching a movie - you know the next scene is supposed to come momentarily. Great scene, great mood, great characters.

  • Second place:

By thanasaki :

Introspective with a lot of supporting details in the figure.

  • Third place:

By boar :

Great wedding candid, brings the whole atmosphere in one shot.

Now some host's picks from outside the podium:

  • Sixth place:

By gork :

A daring presentation, but so well executed, everything comes together to create the mood of the scene.

  • Eleventh place:

By Jozef Micic :

A great juxtaposition to number 6, this one takes a traditional and effective technique of two images at the intersection of which a zen moment is born.

  • Twelfth place:

By Sarthak Banerjee :

Hard to find a better scenery for a reflection than standing in a train door, in a mist, in a small train station. I can come up with dozens of recollections like this. It touches the right buttons.

  • Thirty eight place:

By jeetsupratim :

Call me a sucker for minimalism, but this is one of my favorites. So much can be shown with one scrambled reflection and some rain drops. I keep looking at it, trying to reconstruct the scene, and while I am doing it, I am absorbing more and more of it.

And I have to mention this one:

  • Ninety third place:

By Fish323 :

The light in this photo is out of this world. I also like the point of view and perspective. The photo certainly has mood. Not sure how it ended up at 93rd.

All in all, a lot of very good entries (I could go on like this on many of them). Congratulations again!

Please feel free to comment in this thread on any entries that caught your attention.

Now some administrative issues. A few voters got reported to DPR. Don't hold your breath.

"Let the Image Speak" series is taking hiatus. The outside world is demanding attention, and I cannot commit the time necessary to do justice and care that these challenges deserve. It will be back, though. I'm a sucker for great photographs.

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