Sony A580 sucessor -will it arrive ?

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Re: Sony A580 sucessor -will it arrive ?

Well; I'll tell you about my plan. I have an a900 as my main body and an a700 asa backup although sometimes I use it as a prime body just to get the crop effect. I bought a Nex 5n with the EA-LA2 adaptera few months ago.

I'm not in the market for an a77. My probable next body is the A99 for which then my a900 will serve as abckup/special use camera. Don't care about Canon which is not to insult Canon as they are fine camera's. At the moment switching is not on my horizon, period. My main outpout is print and frankly at 3200 I don't see any difference. there are so many variables IMO about Nosie and noise control . that when referenced to the print, the capability of the photogrpaher and what he/she wants to do with print becomes the releavnt variable.

What I am consideing , however, is getting rid of my A700 and using the nex5n as a backup until the a99 becomes available. i do not find the adapter handling a problem not the ergonomtrics in general. This is coming from a guy who routinely likes to take my bronica SQ-AI with the schneider keutznach 70-140 zoom out for a run.

nor does the issue of going toan evf bother me. I havea a maxxum 9 as well as well as the a900. Both have wondeful OVF but when compamrd to my Hassie OVF...well. the Nex 5n LCD works well for what I have used for it but I am prtobably going to get the EVF viewfinder. I think the nex5n with adapter is faster at AF then my a700. I like the modularity concept too.

So bring on the a99. Like the a700 and A900 before it, i'll probably get one of the first.

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