Lens Hood For Olympus XZ-1

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Re: Olympus CLA-12

Got this response from OLP:

Thank you for contacting Olympus with your inquiry.

In order to use the TCON 17 on an XZ-1, you will also need the CLA-12 adapter tube, which has a 46.5 mm mount that attaches to the XZ-1 (that (46.5mm) is the thread size you were asking about). We have both available at the time I am writing this, so if you wish you can call and order these items directly over the phone today. Use the number below to call us.

This is your Email Response Tracking Number: 2445573. Please use this number if you need to refer to this email for further assistance. You can also browse our website by visiting http://www.olympusamerica.com

I wonder if I can find a 46.5mm - 55mm step up ring to use with my own converter. I already have a extension tube size 55mm.

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