Got my replacement D7000!

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Re: Got my replacement D7000!

Vandyu wrote:

I've gotten what I think is a "returned" Nikon 70-300VR and possibly a Nikon 18-200VR from dealers that likely just glanced them over and resold them. Also got a new Panasonic phone system mail order from Best Buy that was resealed as inspected and that obviously was a return. So, it's no fun being on the receiving end of open-box merchandise that is sold again as new.

Yeah. I got a new portable music player with no earphones from BB. I thought maybe I had to buy them and went back to the store. The same salesguy said, "It should have come with them." He opened another new one from the locked case, took out the phones and gave them to me. Then he put the box back into the lock-up case without phones in that one. And so the cycle goes...

I would much rather send something in as complex as a new Nikon camera or lens and let them have a finer look-see at it. I like to think of it as being "QC checked by a tech" rather than "Just another camera off the assembly line" as the exchanges often are.

Aside, I'm suspicious of the Nikon getting rid of the independent repair shop service/support too. They could keep a lid on buggy equipment and service memos by doing it. An independent could say, "You know, not only does your D7000 backfocus, it needs these updated parts too as well as your lenses." which costs Nikon more money. I was skeptical when I read that Nikon memo to the independents that basically said, "Our stuff is just too complex for anyone to fix so you can't get parts no more." Seriously? Like other brands aren't complex? Bad move for a pro camera line which should have some better service field rather than lengthy down-times for minor things now. Canon is pretty forthcoming there in working with the independents and their SPT org. which many belong to.


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