Will We Have Higher Dynamic Range ?

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Re: Will We Have Higher Dynamic Range ?

frenchy01 wrote:

Little typo?
760:1 -> 9.6 stops (9 2/3 stops not 19...)

Yes, very "little" typo indeed Thank you for pointing it out.

Iliah Borg wrote:

ziggyzed wrote:

Try with under 12 stop DR, a white brides dress next to a groom in a black suit, in the Queensland sun. You need14 stops minimum

"The measurements taken by Jones and Condit in 1941 serve as a starting point for an objective tone reproduction analysis. They obtained data on the subject brightness ratio of 126 outdoor scenes. The lowest-contrast scene had a value of 27:1, and the highest-contrast scene had a value of 760:1. For the whole group of scenes, the average subject brightness ratio was 160:1."

760:1 is less than 19 2/3 stops.

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