Image quality ...Blue Ray discs vs 1080i HD mpg disc???

Started Jan 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Advantages of Blu-ray

1) You can add menus to organize content that people can navigate without knowing the peculiarities of your WD HDD file maze.

2) Cost of burners and media falling. Burners now sell for under $150 and the unit cost of blank discs purchased on spindles is under $2.

3) If a disc goes bad, you lose only that disc; if an HDD goes bad, pray you have a recent back-up, or else.

4) Gramps and Bubba can probably manage the remote control of a disc player, without need for lots of youthful geek hormones.
5) Blu-ray players now sell for under $100, sometimes for under $50.

It is probably easy to put lots of unedited video clips on an HDD player, while creation of a disc forces you to do at least some composition and selection. The added work should, at least, result in something a little more watcheable. But, without content, you can't be sure posterity will give a hoot about what medium you pick, or whether it has gone blotto. Consequently, you may be better off shooting less, editing a lot, and leaving folks with the

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