Thank god for online backup!

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Re: RAID 1 is easy...

Excellent methods of backups, I must say. My approach is different:

First Backup - My DAS Box has a 5 drive bay, which is configured in RAID 6 (Gives me around 9TB of space), 5 x 3TB drive. It has my other files, and around 1.5TB of images. It is also a NAS, so I can access it online too.

Second Backup - An additional 2TB drive which stores an exact copy of this 1.5tb images, and I update it twice a month. This gives me the chance to revert in case I made mistake and delete or overwrite anything. This is inside the computer as I use it twice a month.

Third Backup - An offline (not plugged in the computer) 2TB drive, containing an encrypted copy of the images in a single file, which I delete and backup once every month.

Fourth Backup - A backup of the Third backup, stored at my work place. I replace the backups in every two-three months.

Fifth Backup - SmugVault, provided by Amazon Web Services, keeps an online copy. Took me a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to upload all, but its done and safe(er).

Other than this: My most important pictures (A portion of that 1.5TB), is in a set of Blu-Ray 50GB RE discs.

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