Help --- D700 - setting white balance for landscape photography -- ??

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Re: Help --- D700 - setting white balance for landscape photography -- ??

You should definitely calibrate your monitor #1. As far as WB, be sure to shoot in raw(for everything really). For landscapes I like to use the kelvin settings and generally use 5260 degrees, which is roughly daylight balanced. The reason I do not use auto WB is I want to capture dramatic colors and pink skies. Auto WB tends to neutralize those colors trying to render them as white. Of course, this doesn't matter too much as the images are in raw format and can be changed in post. But generally I find landscapes look best if captured like Velvia used to capture images - daylight balanced(I.e. 5000-5500 kelvin). And by capturing at these temps, minimal adjustments to WB are needed IMO.

Hope that helps...

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