Canon EF-S 17-85 vs EF-S 18-135

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Re: This issue exists partly because of age...

Paul De Bra wrote:

The 17-85IS has been around for much longer than the 18-135. As a result defects that show up over prolonged periods of use are known about the 17-85IS but not yet about the 18-135.

The problem with the 17-85IS is a defect in the "flexcable" that connects the base of the lens with the extending part. Such a flexcable is used in most lenses that extend while zooming, so I would not rule out a similar issue popping up over time with the 18-135.

I'm not arguing for the 17-85IS over the 18-135 or vice versa. Both are decent compromise lenses that can be had for a reasonable price when bought as part of a kit. None of them deliver image quality like the 17-55IS f/2.8 or like prime lenses, but you cannot expect that either.

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This was really helpfull Paul De Bra! Thanks!

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