MTF and "The Sharper Image" - What matters most ?

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MTF and "The Sharper Image" - What matters most ?

"The Pinhole Camera Revisited or The Revenge of the Simple-Minded Engineer" is quite interesting:

Check out the "Pinhole Camera MTF (modulation transfer function)" graph, and check out the simulated images that follow in the referenced paper. The gist of it (as stated in the paper) is that:

In order to produce a sharp-looking image, the imaging system must have high MTF values at low and medium-high frequencies. MTF curves that drop rapidly as the spatial frequency increases will produce fuzzy-looking images, even if they extend out to high spatial frequencies .

I thought that some readers might find the paper to be thought provoking in relation to conceptual assumptions that a MTF that extends to higher absolute spatial-frequencies necessarily equates to the visual perception of a "sharper image". The images in this paper appear to demonstrate otherwise - and indicate that human visual perception in this respect is not as simple as "more is better" (where it comes to merely assessing the maximum spatial-frequency response).

This human visual perceptual phenomenon may have some relevance to recent discussions here ...

If nothing else, the cartoon of the "simple minded engineer" kicking the "able bodied engineer" squarely in the ass may likely appeal, and bring pleasure, to many who are suspicious of numbers !!!

If you don't happen to find this referenced paper and post interesting, there are plenty of others .

DM ...

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