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papillon_65 wrote:

This PART of the thread is about Panasonic and Sony kit lenses. Your comparison shows only that this £800 prime is not that good as price suggests, and it has nothing with Panasonic kits.

No, I speak from personal experience, do you?

I don't really care if you've had some duff copies of this lens. I have my own copy which is very good. If you can't take decent images with it then you might as well pack up and pick another hobby.

then: "my is better" argument. And personal assault.

What? a personal assault? are you for real lol.

It's a kit lens, it was effectively free with my 5n (for the price I got the camera for) and it's a very decent kit lens. If you choose not to believe that I don't care.

again: "works for me"

Well what else am I supposed to say? I don't own every copy of this lens do I, I can only relate to my own copy.

This lens works for 43567 other people, does it mean that it is better than panasonic kit lenses?

I didn't say it was better, I said it was comparable, and it is compared to mine.

I'll carry on shooting with it and I guarantee I will get shots where no-one will be able to tell whether it was taken with a kit lens or anything else. Just don't try to tell me how my own copy of this lens performs and that I can't take decent images with it, because I can and do.

At 800x600 no one tell the difference between NEX7 and 5 year old Nokia

So why worry about it then? why not just go and shoot with a phone.

Yes, you can shoot with phone and compare it to xD mark whatever. And claim that phone is better because in low resolution no one will see difference.

Look, I don't care if you believe me or not, are we clear about that?

There are also plenty of other people doing the same. take a look at Dez Santana's shots, he uses his all the time and does some great stuff with it.

This one is good: Some people can have very good results - this is always true.

Yes, those that know how to use a kit lens to good effect, it's really not that hard.

What is the point of saying that someone has great result with this lens? Does this make lens better? 34235 people have great results using panasonic kits too.

Are you a rep for Panasonic or something?

Are you a troll payed by Sony?

What, because I said a kit lens is comparable to another, (both of which I own by the way), do you own them both?

I do not own neither of them.

Do yourself a favour, stop agonising over 100% crops of the edge of a shot (which on a 3:2 aspect ratio sensor are often cropped out anyway) and go and take some decent images. You don't like the 18-55mm, I get it, I do, get over it.

Yes, you should go and take decent shots if you are not interested in comparing 100% crops, edge sharpnes.. etc. Some of us are interested in comparing lenses.

Well go and compare lenses then , fill your boots, I don't have a problem with that, what ever makes you happy. Just don't tell me every copy of this lens is rubbish based on some reviews and test charts, because it clearly isn't in my experience and I'm clearly not the only one who believes it, are we clear now?

You can believe in whatever you want, but every copy of this lens is rubbish compared to m43 lenses in the same range.

Well I believe in the evidence of my own eyes as I own both the 18-55mm and the Panasonic 14-45mm, so clearly every copy isn't inferior. I don't suppose it's beyond the realms of possibility that Sony has improved the kit lens as well as adding in camera correction to the 5n (which is exactly what they have done), did that ever occur to you?

No one can correct edge sharpness using firmware. You can correct distortions or chromatic aberrations, but not sharpness - contrast transferred by lens. If you have both kits why don't you post some comparable samples to prove your statement about same/or better edge sharpness of Sony kit compared to Panasonic's, instead of high aperture, low resolution samples you showed?

And what about central sharpness or doesn't that matter? I have nothing to prove, if you own both lenses why don't you prove me wrong? or could it be that you don't lol.

Yes, I do not have Sony kit, and I do not have Panasonic's kit. But you started arguing that SLGear test are wrong showing examples that prove nothing. This part of discussion has nothing with central sharpness. If someone looks only for central sharpness Samsung NX200 with pancakes can be the best solution in terms of price, weight, size.

You decided to jump in and start an argument so why don't you go and test some lenses instead?

I prefer to read tests done by professionals.

So feel free and fill your boots and stop bothering me on here. Your opinion of my own copies of these lenses is entirely irrelevant to me.

But opinions by others are not irrelevant to you, since you made effort and made part of this thread.

No, just your opinion is irrelevant to me, but feel free to test both the lenses and let me know, that is if you even own them.

But my opinion is only about your wrong arguments.

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