K5 AE-L Not Working Update

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Re: K5 AE-L Not Working Update

Catbells wrote:

User Modes can be quickly changed by going into Menu 1:1, down, OK, select mode (thanks to Infrabasse for info).

This method is fine if your camera has been set to not save menu location, in which case a press of the menu button gets you right to the User choices. If you do save menu location, as I do, you never know where you're going to be when accessing the menu.

So I just quickly move the mode selection dial to X and then back to User, which allows me to just use the left/right buttons to select Users, with two key advantages over the menu:

1. The descriptions I've given the Users are clearly displayed instead of just User1 - User5, so I can choose by label instead of remembering the very subtle differences between my modes.

2. That selection screen also contains the pictographical information about the mode's settings, so I can look them over to see if I might need to change some parameter that is inappropriate for the current shooting situation.

A quick off/on would accomplish the same thing, with the advantage of only needing one hand.

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