Creating Sunbeams

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Re: Creating Sunbeams

I see what you mean but the plug-in has some benefits that can't be easally replicated manually.

For this kind of money, only 15 euro's, it's a no brainer. Especially when you're used to way more expensive software.

I am sure they will improve on it and make the plug-in even more worthwhile.

Not something you would use on a daily bases, but certainly handy to have in your arsenal.

It's always better to know how to do an effect or how to edit, yes, but some filters speed up edit time, can do things that are manually very hard or time consuming and some are just rubbish(LOL) or too expensive for what they do.

I personally think topaz labs priced the specific star effects plug-in accordingly, not something you'd use every day but nice to have, hence the price. The competitor, is 3 times as expensive!

Brushes are not as versatile as this plug-in, but i won't throw them away either. In some special occassions you might need something different.

I agree totally with you that for beginners, buying only plug-ins is not the way to go, this way you do not learn how to do things in your preferred editor.

Allen Gerdes wrote:

Yes, Toermalijn, I realize that the example is a star, but it was only meant as an example of what may be found in the way of free brushes. I also am no dummy and understand the benefits of plugins, as I have very many that I use myself. My only point is: that this is one plugin that can easily be replicated with brushes. Whether one has the time to do it manually rather than with a plugin is another matter. For those who do not have the time or get no enjoyment by doing things another way, then the plugin is the way to go. Personally, I try to get by without the expense of plugins if I can. That said, I do own and use many free and commercial plugins in my editing. Most of the commercial ones that I have are by Topaz Labs and I consider them excellent and well worth their cost.


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