"Through The Surface" Challenge: Winner=2nd-Placed

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Re: "Through The Surface" Challenge: Winner=2nd-Placed

I did once email one of DP's people to promote no. 2 to no. 1 after the latter was dq. And my request was successful.


But that was 15 months ago.

I bet the staff now must be so busy, they don't have time to sh;t in the toilets, cos they probably are working round the clock to make the website iPad friendly by March.

...March 2019 that is.

OldArrow wrote:

sabesh wrote:


Interesting. The individual in question wasn't banned? That would be the ethical thing to do, as he compromised the chances of the real 1st place finisher.

AFAIK, the whole lot of his multiple personality presence has been banned... but may reappear in any disguse again, to pester honest people again until some effective way has been contrived to remove them from the Site for good. But the damage, that was already done to lots of people ranking undeservedly lower for the likes of such...

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