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Re: An excellent read.........

lets face it.. there are no real technological revolutions anymore..

there are tons of example..

we had cheap big sensor cameras like fullframe and 6x6 cameras centuries ago.. now we shoot digital which might be more comfortable but way more expensive.. there is no way pictures look better today than 50 years ago.. there is so much crap out there with the point and shoots nowadays..

or first man on the moon.. 1969.. there is no way anybody would go there now.. or to mars or whereever.. they could not even keep their space shuttles running..

why does the president not declare war on cancer and set a goal to win against it within 5 years.. stuff like that is impossible now.. nobody would believe that like they did with the space program.

or look at airplanes..
first non stop flight over the atlantic 1919!
first flight of the 747 1969!
first flight of the concorde 1969!

what do we have now. still the 747 .. concorde does not fly anymore.. it is ridiculous.. sure it got cheaper but there is no new cutting edge technology for people who could afford it.

We now live in a time with the least technological improvements in our lives..

we cant even afford anymore that only one person in the familiy (male or female) has to work.. thats just impossible..

and dont tell me computer really improve our lives..

we still have to work more and more and more.. they are surposed to be there so that we have to work less .. and just look at all those facebook or dpreview zombies for that matter too

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