Refill inks for Canon pro 9000 and double sided matt papers

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Refill inks for Canon pro 9000 and double sided matt papers

Hi there

I have a Cannon Pro 9000 Mark II and without warning, it ran out of the pink cartridge. I was expecting to get a low ink warning message first. I print through Apple's Lion but the origin of the print is Windows 7, which I run virtually. Apple have a driver which allows you to print in Windows and send it to Lion for printing.

I've been reading on here about IS refill inks? I am considering them, however not all of my cartridges have run out, especially the green and red. I've read on here comments from a reasonable number of people who don't think it's good to match OEM and refill. I don't really want to chuck away all the ink that came with my printer. However people do say the OEM cartridges are the best ones to refill to. Of course I'm not a professional photographer so does it really matter. Whatever I do is superior to printing with my former HP desk jet 5600 series printer.

I mainly use the Canon for printing greetings cards for friends and family. For this I generally take a photo I shot with my Canon S95 camera and fit it up in a design program, add all the text and print. Sometimes I use engravings from Victorian magazines. I scan these in first. I use beardless A4 and trim down the final print very slightly to remove the small areas of white around one or more edges. Then I fold the card myself and put it in an envelope. Sometimes I stick labels on the envelopes, other times I just write. I have been known to print directly onto envelopes in the past as well.

People recommend creating ICC profiles for IS inks and if I was to do that, would I need to do this in PhotoShop or could a DTP programme enable one to create custom profiles? How easy is it to create custom ICC profiles without advanced knowledge of colour make up? I have knowledge of colour but no where near the level of knowledge that a photo lab specialist might have. Can ICC profiles be used for any programme I'm printing from?

I print my cards on double sided matte paper. Does anyone have any recommendations UK wise for this type of paper? I've come across Marrutt on this forum. Are the papers they sell good? They do 230 gm/s, which is heavier than what I currently use. What about Ilford who I have used in the past? They stopped producing their double sided matte paper but I see they have restarted again, labelling the packaging as new. Perhaps rerelease might be more apt. However their Web Site has no reference to it, despite the fact I saw it for sale in a shop who told me ages ago they had stopped producing it.

When I use to use my HP 5600 printer I had to switch from Ilford to Epson when production stopped. The Epson was only 178gm/s. I didn't use HP because the shop I used didn't sell any doubled sided matte by them.

Early last year I came across Rymans branded double sided matte paper. Being half the price of Epson and twice the number of sheets I bought some. Big mistake as the ink smudges on it if you rub it or even get your finger on it by mistake. Not good quality so I would never buy it again. Nor should anyone else in my opinion. Of course whether ICC profiling would help I don't know. Not even sure my HP 5600 did ICC profiling.

Recently though I got some double sided matte paper from Jessops and that seems okay. It's only 170gm/s though and not really heavy enough for cards. Nor is the Epson. Of course I'm not colour testing any of these papers. I'm just looking at how well they absorb the ink on standard setting printing, that being high quality boarder less photo with no enlarging of the image.

Thanks for reading

Canon PowerShot S95
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