Handing a camera to a stranger to take your picture

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Re: No problem

Just set everything as you would before actually pressing the shutter (assuming you are not using manual focus) and give the camera in your friend's hand, carefully leading his left hand below the lens because most of the point and shooters use both hands to grip the sides. Before this make sure to loop the neckstrap over his neck so that if he accidentally looses the grip, the camera will be safe.

Show him the view finder and ask him to look though that.Show him the zoom ring and show him how it works.

Lead his shutter finger to the shutter button and tell him to press the shutter when he has the scene in the view. Depend upon cropping later to correct the composition.If the fellow has never handled an autofocus camera, show him how to half press before full pressing the shutter.

That is about it. I get a lot of people usually at parties, get togethers etc, wanting to oblige the photographer (me) to get a shot of himself with the friends.

Though there is a difference between a friend and a stranger, usuallu in parties etc even strangers behave reliably, that is to say they will not run away with the camera.

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