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Re: Income - Expenditure spreadsheet

i use excel for all my planning, budgeting, record keeping. The spreadsheet started simple and grew from there. I don't to any of the real fancy stuff - macros, reports, graphs and such.

I have several sheets - one for sales.

Columns for money received - cash, cc, check, other (paypal or the like). Since we have sale tax here I have a column for that then a total sale (since the sales tax isn't something I keep). To the right I then have columns for wedding, seniors, family, sports, misc. I have totals at the top of the columns that way they're easy to find and no matter how many sales I have I don't have to change anything.
You do sums as - =sum(A3:A500) where A is the column and the number the cell.

I have a second sheet where I record expenses. Left column adds acorss to the right and - =sum(b1:x1) then the b column is totaled at the top like above, as each column is totalted at the top - colums are seniors, weddings, family, misc, advertising, utilities, gear, etc. So across the top then I have my total expenses as as well those for each category.

This way I can know I had $24,456 in wedding sales and $3,244 in wedding costs. Easy to figure what made money and how much.

I don't but prolly should track advertising by what it's for - like the prom show yesterday would be under seniors and the bridal show today under weddings. But I just lump it all together.
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