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Re: Do you feel the same about your older images ??

You're right again - a lot of people don't care about the quality of their pictures. Most of them can't recognize the difference between a really awful picture, and one which is of fair quality, or even of good quality. I'm not talking about "art", whatever that is - I'm talking about photographic memories.

But I care, and that's the point. I'm not responsible for dictating what anyone else's taste should be - but on the other hand, they're not responsible for telling me what my taste should be. I actually think that far more than 0.001 of 1% of people do care about having good photographic memories - but that's not so important. I'm afraid that many of those who don't care will wish, 20 or 30 years from now, that they'd taken more care.

See my reply to G Rash, above. Yesterday I got a good lesson in how old prints look, even if they've been carefully stored. Any ond image or "snapz" is nice to have, but to me it's disappointing to see a blurry, lo res, faded picture which I took 30 years ago. The B&W prints I made myself, 30-45 years ago, look fine. The "drugstore" prints made from photos I took after I had to stop developing and printing my own photos, those look poor. The same is true of the commercially made prints from my first digital camera - and yes it was only 3 megapixels. For the 2.5X3 inch prints which were common at the time, 3 magepixels was okay - maybe not great, but okay. It's the quality of the inks and papers which were used, which is the problem today, after a few decades have passed.

I'm very glad to have been forced to go over several old albums, forced to transfer a few dozen old prints to digital images, and bring them back as much as I can by working in Photo Shop. Maybe, with a few "redundant" backups, those images will last better than the drugstore prints.

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