New GH2 vs 5n Sample

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Re: Really.....

papillon_65 wrote:

macautio wrote:

I think you not understand my point is corner softness with out f stop down.
You proof it you own link fredmiranda.
See that ZA left and kit right.

So you cherry picked on example of where a kit lens doesn't match an £800+ prime lens and ignored the rest of the shots where it pretty much matches it or is very close.

So you cherry picked an example with center crop, when starting argument was: "corner is very soft", whole comparison to 24ZA is moot because this lens is not stellar in corners either:

then, again straw argument, that kit is little worse than 800E lens, but it should be because it is so much cheaper.

I don't really care if you've had some duff copies of this lens. I have my own copy which is very good. If you can't take decent images with it then you might as well pack up and pick another hobby.

then: "my is better" argument. And personal assault.

It's a kit lens, it was effectively free with my 5n (for the price I got the camera for) and it's a very decent kit lens. If you choose not to believe that I don't care.

again: "works for me"

I'll carry on shooting with it and I guarantee I will get shots where no-one will be able to tell whether it was taken with a kit lens or anything else. Just don't try to tell me how my own copy of this lens performs and that I can't take decent images with it, because I can and do.

At 800x600 no one tell the difference between NEX7 and 5 year old Nokia

There are also plenty of other people doing the same. take a look at Dez Santana's shots, he uses his all the time and does some great stuff with it.

This one is good: Some people can have very good results - this is always true.

Do yourself a favour, stop agonising over 100% crops of the edge of a shot (which on a 3:2 aspect ratio sensor are often cropped out anyway) and go and take some decent images. You don't like the 18-55mm, I get it, I do, get over it.

Yes, you should go and take decent shots if you are not interested in comparing 100% crops, edge sharpnes.. etc. Some of us are interested in comparing lenses.

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