potential DP series owner question and concerned.

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Re: potential DP series owner question and concerned.

truthsforme wrote:

I really want to know is what specifically makes the dp2x a "problem" for users and if typically the ultimate deciding factor in photography should be the images produced by the cameras, then what is it about this camera that's really making people look the other way.

I plan on using it it for mostly landscapes and cityscapes, and maybe even street.

For landscapes and cityscapes I would probably consider the DP1 instead... I have owned both the DP1s and DP2, and I love them nearly equally, but the main irritation for both is the slow shot to shot time, and secondly, the slow auto focus. If you are doing mostly landscapes and cityscapes, then the autofocus is probably not a big deal, but can you wait a couple of seconds between shots? RAW is the only way to go with these cameras, and to be quite frank, they are slow.

My advice, oddly, is to buy the NEX-5n and also pick up a used DP1s or DP2 (not the S or X model). I have the Ricoh GXR with both the 28mm and 50mm lens modules, but I always carry with me one of the Sigma cameras. When the conditions are right for the Sigma, it simply blows away any other camera! You should be able to find one of the older models for about US$300 -- and guess what?.. If you don't like it, you can turn around and sell it again after a few months for about the same price.

I know others on this forum can live with the DP1 or 2 as their only camera(s). I tried, but couldn't do it with the general slowness (I have small kids, so I missed out on a lot of shots). However, one of these cameras is always within my reach, and are often brings in the best shot of the day.


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