1st Outing with rented 100-400L an epic failure

Started Jan 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 1st Outing with rented 100-400L an epic failure

kayakjoe wrote:

The 100-400L needs lots of shutter speed at least 1/1000 at 400mm, maybe more being hand held and panning !!!!

I too own this lens and I have to agree, although I don't understand exactly why "this lens" needs a higher shutter speed than any other. I think it just comes down to the IS of 100-400 not being really effective.

I had a Tamron 200-500 with the KM Maxxum 5D and it feels like I got more keepers (overall) with that rig (using the body's built-in IS) than I do with the 100-400 and EOS 7D - however for BIF, the 100-400 is not terrible.

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