Has fujifilm abandoned x100 users?

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Re: Again the same old story-the whiners are back

I'm ambivalent concerning X100 owners' expectations from Fujifilm. Do I wish Fujifilm would develop an on-going relationship with its X100 owners? Yes. Do I expect and/or demand Fujifilm develop and on-going relationship with its X100 owners? No.

This is realism vs idealism. The realism is that we pay a LOT more for our cars than we do for our cameras. You'd, therefore, think we'd expect far more from our car manufacturers than we do of our camera manufacturers. We accept the fact that, newer models of the car we just bought are right around the corner. We don't buy the basic model of our car and then expect the manufacturer to upgrade our model because they produce a "limited" version with fancier bells & whistles. Nor do we expect the car manufacturers to upgrade or retrofit our existing cars as each new year's model is released. We do expect our warranties to be honored, and that's about it.

Why do we expect this to be the exception for our cameras? Notwithstanding the fact that we pay far less for a camera, than a car, why do we expect a manufacturer to form a life-long relationship full of upgrades and revisions? At some point, the manufacturer has to move on and produce new cameras to feed the marketplace.

If Fujifilm were to be bogged down supporting the S20 Pro, which is now nearly ten years old, they'd have never been able to research, develop and release the x100. My take on all this is to be realistic. Last year at this time we were lusting after the X100. Those of us who made the decision to buy one need to have settled and realized what we got. I know I get envious at the newer models, such as the X-Pro1, but that's just the way it is - and it is what it is. That's consumerism - and that's capitalism.

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