sx230hs quality better than s100?

Started Jan 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
wexie Forum Member • Posts: 61
Consider what else is important to you

These are all good cameras with potentially good image quality. Apart from price, also think about what features will be most useful to you in everyday use.

S-95 and S-100 are very small and compact. SX230 is slightly larger, though considering the zoom, not all that much bigger.

XZ-1 and LX-5 are somewhat larger still, and both have lens caps to be taken on and off.

Is widest angle important? S-100 and LX-5 both go to 24 mm equiv.

Is zoom important? SX 230 has 14X zoom. On the other hand, LX-5 has wider angle but shorter zoom.

Will you want to shoot RAW? SX230 doesn't do it.

Is maximum aperture important to you? All these cameras are at least 2.0 at wide angle, but the XZ-1 still has a maximum aperture of 2.5 at the zoom end, which will help in shooting in low light.

I have an S-95 which I bought when it came out, and am very happy with it. It's not the longest or the widest or the fastest, but a good all around camera. I've thought about the LX-5 and particularly the XZ-1 (for it's fast lens) but the S-95 suits my current needs. The changes in the S-100 (e.g., 24 mm) aren't areas that are important to me, so haven't upgraded.

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