How do YOU behave on the forum?

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Re: How do YOU behave on the forum?

TFergus wrote:

diverroy wrote:

I may be wrong in "American English" but not "British English" -- you guys just borrowed the language and bastardised it.

Surely you were being funny... and you realize that the original, correct (non-bastardized) spelling of that is "bastardized".

Ask your brilliant daughter.... or any 10 year old American...

In fact it can be either bastardized or bastardised.Check the Oxford English dictionary

I went further back than that.

I think he was being humourous. Not to labour the point though, I think to ignore the fact that the word can be spelled differently in the UK and the US is to ignore the rich flavour which the language possesses (whatever its Greek roots), and as such do yourself a dishonour.

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