just ordered the NX200 and 16mm lens

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Re: just ordered the NX200 and 16mm lens

it's field curvature, not the sensor. anything which would result with underwhelming images is somehow influenced by post processing softwares which I noticed when I did a re-test. the application on the raw files is somehow buggy, giving some inconsistent results. SilkyPix gives the least desired result. PhaseOne gives better colour, and Lightroom/Photoshop for better detail and contrast (although noise and exposure sometimes are in disarray so it could be a bug).

the NX200 performed well when using lightroom and got better compared to the NX100. to be honest, the 16mm is great in it's own way but I'm not saying that there aren't better lenses out there compared to it. you are paying for a $300 fast pancake ultrawide lens. it's already good, but I say it could had been great with the corrections.

on a 20MP sensor, I somehow felt that the 16mm lens has reached it's capacity. such sensor would somehow require a better lens to better utilize the sensor. also, the increased MP would somehow show or magnify the shutter induced vibration in the pixel level. I think this should be fixed by Samsung as well in their future NX models with high 20+ MP sensors.

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