Nikon 35mm f/2

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Re: Nikon 35mm f/2

psandham: thank you once more for the link. Excellent resource! And you are right, that was the place to look for. Now I assume from that table the lens is almost identical with the D version which replaced it in production.

sillyconguru: great! I could locate the serial number on another lens where it was equaly hidden. The trick is once you know where to look to move the lens around so the light would outline the fine digits.

Patco: yes! That is the one. Given the data from the table given by psandham link it's the same without the D enabling devices. Given the normal is 50–55mm, it's 52mm equivalent on a DX make it a wonderful option. I've read about a 35mm DX, but without all the markings they used to have on the lens barrel.

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