Camera volume (as in decibels)

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Re: Camera volume (as in decibels)

AlexRydz wrote:

I have an E-30, and while recently shooting in a church, I became aware that the camera was just plain "loud".

There were at one time cameras (TLR, or twin lens reflex) that used a "leaf" shutter. It worked exactly like aperture blades do in a modern lens, except it was either completely closed or wide open. Entirrely mechanical, with shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000 or better. Flash sync speed, even with a potato masher, was 1/250 or better. They were huge monstrosities that today are nearly extinct, but for shooting in church (weddings) were extremely quiet. You can still find Mamiya C-330s on ebay, selling for a decent price, which in and of itself says something.

Yeah, I know, it is irrelevant. Maybe interesting at best to some.


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