New OMD Means What Exactly?

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Re: Doesn't have to be smaller

larsbc wrote:

If the OM-D improves on those points while also meeting or beating the GH2 in all other areas (image quality, video quality, ergonomics) then it's possible I will switch to Olympus. Of course, it would also have to have good image stabilization that works during video recording. I've been video taping my kids skiing while skiing beside and behind them, and Panasonic's stabilization has been great.

This made me laugh. I learned to ski at the same time my kids did. They were 7 and 5; I was in my forties. A few years later, guess who can't keep up with whom. The only way I could take videos of them skiing is if I were suspended from a helicopter, or perhaps with a very long lens from the lodge.

But I think you're right. I'll probably end up with CX format for walking around (to go with the Panasonic G1 I'll use with a legacy lens for portraits and some large format film cameras). If Nikon would just offer a 4:3 aspect ratio framing option in the viewfinder, I'd likely be there now. (What a dumb oversight. Doesn't Nikon realize that anyone who would pay $250 for an EVF probably cares about framing and may want something squarer for portraits? Ken Rockwell got on them about the 3:2 sensor ratio, but all I want is a mask.)

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