Lens optics experts: does mirrorless (e.g. MFT) allow smaller actual lenses?

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Re: Lens optics experts: does mirrorless (e.g. MFT) allow smaller actual lenses?

Anders W wrote:

You are right that, in practice, the AF system would rarely adjust again at the end. At least that was true about my Pentax. However, to my standards, it should have adjusted much more frequently than it did.

Same issue for me with the Canons - though they were their consumer cameras so I doubt it was their best system. The XT/350D AF was particularly poor. The XTi/400D was an improvement. But both rarely could do a good job on shallow DoF. The 50/1.8 was a totally hit or miss proposition. The long end of my 70-200/4L would even be a bit dodgy at close focus distances. Doing mostly landscapes it usually wasn't a problem for me, but I was always disappointed in the rare cases I was doing shallow DoF work. I put split prism focus screens in both cameras to help. For shallow DoF I usually had to manually nudge to correct focus nearly half of the time.

I've really enjoyed the accuracy of the m43 CDAF system. Now that I'm starting to shoot some shallow DoF 45/1.8 shots I really appreciate being able to trust the AF system.
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