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Started Nov 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
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New update to Camera Size website

I wrote about it in the news forum, but for those who follow this thread, I have update with a new tool which can be accessed via .

The new tool allows you to do things that the previous one doesn't offer:

1) Compare unlimited number of digital cameras side by side
2) Change the orientation of all cameras in one click

3) Resize all images to fit a small screen, or if you have a larger screen it will just help to view more cameras on the screen
4) Move a specific camera to the right of left of another camera

5) Sort the cameras by Height, Width, Depth or weight (smallest to largest or vice versa)
6) Remove a camera from the comparison
7) Share a specific comparison including the sorting order
8) Change the model names from US, to EU or JP camera model names.

Hope you like the new tool and please comment share your opinion. Any feedback will be appreciated a lot !

Idan Developer

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