Lightroom 4 Curves before Sliders?

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Re: Eric "madman" chan from adobe?

Regarding the ISO specifics, end users don't care!

I disagree ... or at least, I think it depends on what the users care about. I think from a consistency point of view, the reason for our design is that if a user shoots at the same exposure settings (e.g., ISO 200, f/8, 1/30th sec) that the resulting image brightness (exposure level) is predictable. So users who shoot with different camera models but use the same exposure settings get the same results. This makes sync-settings and "match total exposure" and other batch workflow features in Lr much more consistent. Some cameras "record bright" and others "record dark" and all this is doing is normalizing. We figured that if users want their images darker they can simply reduce the Exposure slider ...

Last question Eric: I've created custom profiles using an xrite color checker
before, and I find the acr 4.6 to be extremely close. How was that camera
profile created, and how color accurate is it?

The old x.y profiles (like 4.6) were designed in a lab with colorimetric matching in mind, so it's not surprising they are similar to your X-Rite ColorChecker Passport results. The Passport (and DNG Profile Editor) should have a bit more flexibility for certain colors, but the 4.6 profiles should also be pretty accurate for daylight and tungsten conditions.

Of course, accuracy isn't necessarily an indicator of final quality or preference (e.g., the "Landscape" or "Vivid" options on some cameras aren't very accurate, but they certainly do make some images look a lot better!)

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