K5 + 31/1.8 Limited on order

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Re: K5 + 31/1.8 Limited on order


Both the Canon and Nikon 35mm 1.4 are weathersealed, the Pentax 31mm LTD is not.


Both the Canon and Nikon 35mm have AF Ring Motors, the Pentax 31mm LTD does not.


Both the Canon and Nikon 35mm are made in Japan, nothing Pentax makes comes from Japan.

What's the relevance? If the Pentax was made in Japan rather than Vietnam, would it have been smaller?
Mind you, the main point of the OP was about size.

Both the Canon and Nikon offer upgrade path to Dslr full frame, Pentax does not.

Not untill now, but who knows. Anyway, the lens is full frame.

I think the better 31mm 1.8 LTD comparision is Canon and Nikon 50mm 1.8. Each are $700-$800 less, neither are weathersealed and neither offer af ring motor, just like your 31mm LTD.

Yeas, but completely different focal lengths. Compare these lenses with 43 F1.9.

Poweruser wrote:

Whats up with that "sinking ship" talk? I see Pentax cameras in every larger store and the K-5 still is a state-of-the-art APSC-camera. Certainly cooler than the C and N offerings in this price range (Sony anyway).

Just wanted to answer the whining of some with this thread. I am waiting for my new K5 + 31/1.8 Limited to arrive tomorrow. Yes this is an expensive lens but certainly built to high standards and about Leica-size.

Now compare that with the C / N 35/1.4 whoppers. Ridiculous...

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