100mm f2 for indoor basketball?

Started Jan 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
StephanD Regular Member • Posts: 249
Re: 100mm f2 for indoor basketball?

I shoot both the 85 and the 135. As much as like love the tonal qualities and sharpness of the 135, I find that at 2.0 its focal distance is too narrow and can leave part of the player out of focus when other parts are in. The 135 also forces you to be up in the stands, while the 85 allows me to shoot from the floor (side and end-line). The 100 might be a reasonable compromise but I haven't tried it. I'm shooting with a 1D MkIV. You can samples of the results here: http://priorybball.smugmug.com/Sports/Priory-Basketball-2012/21020565_bkWTJZ# !i=1681120028&k=Xs58vmm Click on the i to see which lens was used for which shot.

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