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I started my adventure into the digital photography with a Nikon D300 and have built up a moderate system of many primes, zooms and specialty lenses. I'm an aspiring amateur that so happens to also be a gadget freak.

Recently, I started to become interested in rangefinders and their simple, yet elegant nature. For a while, I was scared off by the prices of the really fast primes and a new M9... but started saving up nonetheless. I was also enticed by the idea of being able to have a small camera and lens that I can just have on me when I travel. Sure, I considered and played around with several M4/3 and the NEX bodies; but, still felt somewhat encumbered with a system of menus and haven't found an EVF that performed quite as well as an OVF.

So, I pulled the trigger on an M9 and a Summicon-M 50mm f/2. While the body feels a tad heavier than I had expected, but that feeling went away after holding it for 2-3 minutes. Still trying to get the hang of focusing with the focusing square, as well as trying to get better at estimating required DOF for zone focusing. I'm planning on picking up a 28mm and a 90mm + OVF magnifier in the future. Those three lenses would basically replace the 35mm f/1.8, 11-16mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.8 (or 50mm f/1.4) that I normally carry with my D300. I'm still keeping my D300 and its specialty lenses (macro, tilt-shift, telephoto zoom and Lensbaby), but will probably sell off some of my older AI-s lenses, along with a couple of others.

Sorry for rambling on... something I tend to do quite often.

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