X10 fantastic night shot!

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Re: X10 fantastic night shot!

photofan1986 wrote:

...or not?

Last night, I had the opportunity to compare my LX5 to my friend's X10 (once more).

I really like the LX5: it's a nice little camera. Everything that matters works well: focusing is fast and accurate, exposure is always spot on, the lens is fast and plenty sharp (a little less at tele wide open), the IS is very, very effective and the camera has many controls.

But, I must say the X10 is simply a nicer camera. It feels as a real tool, where the LX5 is a bit small. But most of all, image quality is better on the Fuji.

Comparing Jpegs out of the camera is like comparing fresh juicy oranges to rotten apples, especially at high ISO. From 400 ISO up, the Fuji wipes the floor with the LX5. Not that the Pana is that bad, but the Fuji is really impressive for a small sensor camera.

Switching to raw makes the Panasonic shine, while the Fuji benefits little from raw.
However, the Fuji is still ahead. (I's say a little stop advantage).

So why did I buy the LX5 even though I used both cameras before making my choice?
One reason: Fuji's orbs.

I took those pictures on a steady tripod with IS on on both cameras.
Used 100ISO in order to make the ORB problem more visible.

First thing to note is that the Fuji made a blurred picture with the IS turned on on the tripod while the LX5 has no problem with that.

For the rest, I think the images speak for themselves.

Wow, that's really worse than I thought. I was set on the X10 and after the first time I used it, I was sure I would buy it. But the orb issue worried me so much that I bought the LX5 at a bargain instead. I'm not disappointed, but I confess that if Fuji makes an X20 with the same characteristics and no sensor issue, I'll sell my LX5 and buy it in a heartbeat. Oh yes, I don't speak about the FW update, as I don't believe it can be fixed as it is a hardware issue.

Come on Fuji!

if you are getting a camera to take this type of pictures, forget x10. there are a thousand more camera out there that can do this better than x10.

if you want to take pictures of people, x10 does skintones better than a thousand compact cameras out there.

pick the right weapon for the right battle!

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