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Re: The Major Problem With The Canon SX230....Only 28mm Wide Angle As

jimr wrote:

compared to the much more useful 24mm-25mm of the others.
Makes a big difference in pictures etc..

Possibly not such a big issue in Africa - the vast openness means that the need to get to very wide angles, at least for landscapes, is reduced. With an APSC SLR in Botswana, I found most of my landscape shots were taken with either a 35mm or 58mm lens.

If it was me, I'd probably get the best bridge camera I could for the money - which is probably the Panasonic FX35/38 at your price point. However, I can quite see that a smaller camera has its appeal. I don't have experience with any of the ones you mentioned, but from the comparison test here, the Nikon looks like a strong contender.

I'd probably go to a dealer with a shortlist, and buy the camera that feels best in the hand once I'd picked it up and played with it a while....

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