Best non Dslr for low light (so many new 4/3's etc these days)?

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GX1 + 20/1.7 or 25/1.4

There are a lot of options, and the market keeps expanding. So I'd never suggest a particular camera without a lot of caveats.

You say young kids and low light. To me that means IS isn't super important, you need to freeze kid motion as well. You'll want a fast lens that can be used wide open. You want very fast AF.

To me that adds up to the GX1 with either the 20/1.7 or 25/1.4 on it. The GX1 sensor is quite good at high ISO (not as good as a NEX, but close and the AF is way better). Compared to the 25/1.4 the 20/1.7 is more compact, less expensive and a bit wider but it does AF a bit slower and bokeh is not as nice. Both are excellent lenses, people who have both find positives in each - but for IQ and AF the 25/1.4 is certainly the winner. Both lenses good for "environmental portraits". For traditional portraits the 45/1.8 is really staggeringly good.

If you like a built in EVF and articulating LCD (great for low profile kid shots) the G3 is a really good choice as well (same sensor as GX1).

If you want a zoom instead then the LX5/XZ-1 are actually surprisingly comparable to the NEX/m43 solutions because of their much wider aperture zooms. AF and the camera as a whole are not as responsive as the most recent m43 cameras though. Very small and economical though!

Again, for raw high ISO performance the NEX 5n wins. But once you consider other parts of the equation (lenses available, AF speed, etc.) it might not be the best kid photography option.

The J1/V1 is an odd cat. Consider it though, some of its burst shooting options might be great for kids.

Bottom line, you do have a wide variety of good cameras to choose from, including larger sensor compacts and mirrorless systems.
Ken W
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