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Re: Compact Zoom Travel Camera - Africa

dssxxxx wrote:

Have been to Africa 3 times and first 2, took the Canon AE1 and all the accessories. Way to bulky and heavy.

Last trip in 2007.....took Panasonic Lumix 10x or 12x zoom (cannot remember) and took video and pictures which came out very well.

Now the question: We are going to So. Africa in April and will spend about 5 days in Kruger. Need a recommendation for another camera......seems like the only time I get a new one is when we go on vacation....:-)

Here are the camera that seem to meet the needs (after vacation it will be the camera that is used to take perhaps 100-200 total [pictures a year). Budget is less than $400 US.

Fugifilm F750EXR - new
Pentex Optio VS20 - new
Nikon S9100 (read the S8200 is better)
Sony HX9V

Any comments or additional suggestions?

Also, since I have not done any research lately, which memory card would you suggest and size (how many pictures per size card)? Batteries...will take 2 additional with a charger. Typical small case to wear on belt. Total 9 game drives and the normal camp, fireside, dinner, etc. pictures.

I will double post this in a few other sections.

Thanks for your help. These forums have helped me greatly over the years.

I am wondering if you should consider a bridge camera even though its a whole lot bulkier. The main reasons being the EVF, the longer zoom, the better IQ at the longest end of the zoom and the larger aperture at the wide end.

This is one instance where you can't be long enough. The HS20 is inexpensive now that the HS30 has been released, the enhanced low light capability of the HS30 will not be important in the harsh and bright South African light. The HS20 is a proven performer that ought to do handle anything that the Kruger can throw at it.

If having a compact is critical, the Canon SX210 is a great little camera with excellent video if you can still find one. The SX220/230 is the newer model and has CMOS instead of CCD

Otherwise the Fuji F series but the F500/550/600 have problems with de-centered lenses causing blur on the sides so you really need to test the cameras well before the trip to make sure you get good copies. Good copies are very very good and bad copies are horrid so do your homework well before leaving with these cameras, it would be a long way to go to take overly soft images

If the new F700 with its longer lens is available by the time you leave, that may be the best compact option because of the 500mm lens, but its still an unknown quantity so hard to recommend.

IMHO the safe option is the HS20 even though its not what you had in mind
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