Walking around NY today 30-110 lens V1

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Re: Walking around NY today 30-110 lens V1

D200_4me wrote:

Nice images. Looking at that Apple store photo reminds me of how behind the times I am. I have zero Apple products. Not by choice though. My company pays for my Blackberry Torch 2 (9810) so I have no reason to get my own iPhone. Some day I'd like to upgrade my somewhat old PC to a new Mac....but my wife doesn't like change so I'll likely get a new PC (they're cheaper for the same performance anyway).
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I'm all pc but just bought the iPad ll for the games and display of pictures I want to be mobile with. Connect to the web through my wifi router. A bit hard to get around from a logical PC person, but once you get the feel for it, a very effective box and a truly brilliant display. Peter

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