Shrunken head effect - 3D movies

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Re: Shrunken head effect - 3D movies

DirkL wrote:

Heading: Ortho-stereo, Hyper-stereo & Hypo-stereo

quote from the above link..

The trouble with using hyper-stereo is that scenes with gigantic objects in real-life may appear as small models. This phenomenon is known as dwarfism and we perceive it this way because the exaggerated separation between the taking lenses allows us to see around big objects much more that we do in the real world. Our brain interprets this as meaning the object must be small. The opposite happens with hypo-stereo, where normal sized objects appear gigantic. (Gigantism.) > > end quote.

The Gigantism I suppose relates to close-up flowers for example that may fill the screen and perhaps extend outwards into the audience, which can filmed with close interaxial lenses (macro ) but when used for general filming, as the lenses get closer together, the images just appear flatter not bigger than life, until they become 2D so that as they become so close there is no inter-axial separation, by using a mirror assembly. Images don't appear larger then, just flatter. Conversely hyper-stereo does produce apparent smaller than life images.

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