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Re: Contact Jon Cone before you do that...

Petruska wrote:

sometimes the ink chemistries just don't mix and you could ruin the carts and/or the printhead. I thought I seen a few posts on the net about Lyson clogging a lot lately. Worth a search.

Send Jon Cone an email and tell him that you have a lot of Lyson ink that you want to use up before you change over to Cone ink. He will tell you what to do.

Bob P.

You can go straight from Epson ink to ConeColor or Piezography ink because we are very similar to the OEM in that both Cone inks and Ultrachrome inks are encapsulated pigment formulations. But, we do not advise you allow Lyson and ConeColor to mix.

Historically, Lyson ink base as not been very compatible with the OEM and they have suggested that you should flush between using their ink and the OEM - and further that you should use their flush solution. So, that is a caution and I would not suggest that you allow Lyson and ConeColor inks to intermix because of chemical issues. I would not suggest you allow ConeColor and the Lyson Flush fluid to intermix for the same reason. If you had Lyson inks in the printer, we would advise that you flush and clean out the printer's ink lines, tanks, dampers and print heads by using PiezoFlush (which is not a clear ink base but rather a true cleaning and long-term storage fluid.)

If you have specific questions you can email me a jon (at) inkjetmall (dot) com Someone had forwarded your comments to me - and I do not always monitor this forum.

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