First nightclub photography, so frustrated. I need your help!

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Re: First nightclub photography, so frustrated. I need your help!

This may not be the best advice, since you are using Olympus, but I own an older Canon DSLR and a Speedlite transmitter ST-E2 and a Speedlite flash.

Both of these while mounted on the camera will emit an infrared strobe ray, which is barely visible to the human eye and lasts only for a fraction of a second. The bounce time is calculated and thus the focus is set without using any bright light.

This allows for perfect focusing even in total darkness and does not emit a visible light like the bright on-camera focus assist LED's. It's really discreet and superfast.

I wish that more manufacturers would use this system. It's perfect for nighttime focussing.

inter0910 wrote:

For the first time, I took pictures in nightclub with E-5 & Panaleica 25mm/1.4&Metz 48af1 with RC mode.

I thought I'm well prepared and my equipments are appropriate for nightclub photos. But my expectation went beyond in a bad way.

1. Wrong choice of lens: I asked few weeks ago if PL25mm is good lens for nightclub photo and some replied it is good..But for me, I was supposed to bring zuiko 12-60mm. 25mm is sometimes useless in crowded club.

2. Real problem is autofocus in a low light: It took more than 5 second to focus people in the club. E-5 couldn't even focus several times in the club. "I was so upset and didn't know how to do it." Results were good but it was hard to make photos because of AF. "HOW CAN I DO????"

Have a great weekend,

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