Digital photography the great conspiracy......

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Digital photography the great conspiracy......


Is it just me, or do others think that digital photography is just a great big con?

Oh yes I get the extra flexibility of the medium, being able to review your pictures immediately after you've pressed the shutter.

Oh yes I get the wonder of being able to be your own dark room and take control of your own processing.

But honestly, isn't digital photography just a great big money making conspiracy?

I've been talking pictures for 30 years. In the past I would spend £1000 on a good camera, my old F100, or the FA I loved spring to mind. Then there was the glass, most of which I still have. And factor in the processing costs, a little bit extra for good quality of a pro lab. And really that was it.

Then there was the time factor. Most of the time was spent taking the pictures, getting things right at time of exposure, spending time in the landscape, not stuck in front of a computer screen.

Now, the digital medium seems to involve the constant out lay of not insignificant sums of money. my latest camera with similar capabilities (a D700) cost me £2000! well that's inflation for you......

......but that's not where it ends is it......?

There is the software (which seems never to come with the camera) and the constant updates and upgrades that eventually wear out your computer which itself needs to be replaced with the latest windows or mac 20,000 edition, with a million gig of RAM, in order to cope with increased size of the files from the camera!

The software packages themselves are not an insignificant outlay, and none of them seem to work smoothly or without glitches......which is supremely annoying when you've spent the money!

Then there are still processing costs, (much more expensive too), a good photo printer may be cheap enough, but the ink is more expensive per liter than caviar! and the paper, if you want decent quality, costs more than per sheet than gold leaf!

And if you want to be fully in control of what comes out the other end you'll need colorimeters and printer profiles, a 1 million hertz monitor with a billion dpi, and a degree in computer science added to a PHd in colour management.

The camera itself, bought for £2000, will be out of date in less than a year (not that this particularly bothers me,) but I guarantee that my D700 won't be talking to my computer in 20 years from now, so it will be useless.....,

While (if film is still available) my 40 year old F100 will still work! In fact so will my FA, my FM, My EM, and my F301, my dads F601, his FT2, F75 and others....they will all still work when my D700 has long since past its sell by date. They will all still be worth money too, when the resale value of the modern electronic marvels has reached negative equity! (like our mortgages!)

Then there is the time......

I work for a living.....which means photography is a hobby.....which means my spare time is limited.....I want to spend it taking pictures outside in the landscape, not stuck in front of an endlessly churning computer, watching a screen that makes my head ache.

I got into photography for the fresh air, for the moment, for the scenery, for the beauty of the land. I have no love of electronics! (though as this rant shows you I am capable of using the stuff!)

So why won't we all just admit.....this digital stuff, though we have all fallen for it hook line and sinker, is actually just a great big conspiracy to con us out of our hard earned savings! A marketing ploy to make us think we are better off today with CCDs and CMOS than we ever were with Velvia or Ectacrome (rest in peace Kodak!)

Phil The Rev.

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