Best Selling Camera? Breaks Sales Record? Aww... really?

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Re: Best Selling Camera? Breaks Sales Record? Aww... really?

It's not that difficult to see how the numbers show they are selling well when you narrow down the market and time frame as they have done.
What does CSC include exactly?

M4/3 cameras: Heaps of people have already purchased them before the Nikon1 system came out and there are plenty of models to choose from making it hard for any one model to be a top seller.

NEX cameras: Again, plenty sold already, while Xmas sales may have been down for want of the NEX7

Samsung NX, Pentax Q, Ricoh GXR: None of these have sold well to begin with.

So for Nikon to be in the top of this heap for the last 3 months is not surprising, considering they have the newest models and gadget freaks that like to buy the latest stuff are aplenty.

Keep in mind that when discussing Nikon1 level of sales success. one must also factor in other demographics that are not considered in this report. Enthusiast compact camera users who are ready to move up from a point and shoot. What are these people buying after possibly considering the Nikon1?

I would bet that G12's, X10's, S100's, LX5's and XZ1's are selling MUCH MUCH more units than the Nikon1 system.

Another target for the Nikon1 sales team would be budget DSLR's. Sure, they don't want to bite into their own existing line up, but if someone is considering a Nikon1, I can assure you that most would also consider an entry level DSLR as well.

Again, the D3100 and 1100D are WAY outselling the Nikon1 system.

Hell, if you consider the Nikon1 to be an appealing video camera, I can guarantee that Go Pro are selling to their market better than Nikon are.

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