D7K and 70-200 - Nikon vs. Sigma

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What about a used VR1?

When I was in the market for one of these, the Sigma OS version hadn't come out yet. Stabilization was important to me, so I opted for a used VR1. Very happy with my choice: for $300 more than the Sigma sells for these days, I found a VR1 and grabbed it.

The previous non-OS version was reputed to be softer at f2.8, and you definitely get this lens to shoot it wide open... so the Nikkor was the only option for me. According to the DPReview review, that appears to still be the case:

"The first thing many will look at when considering such a lens is of course sharpness, and this is probably the Sigma's weakest suit in comparison to its peers, as the latest Canon and Nikon 70-200mm F2.8s have set the bar extraordinarily high. It tends to be very sharp in the center of the frame even wide open, but somewhat soft and low in contrast towards the corners. However it improves dramatically on stopping down, giving truly excellent results across the frame by F5.6 - F8. But overall, it can't quite match the extraordinary clarity of its more expensive rivals."

See here also for the DX results:

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